Another long-overdue update

Man, a LOT has happened since I last updated. Expect a ton of links in this post!

It seems to be the story of my life this year—LOTS of progress and exciting news, but very little to do with (creative) writing. In other words, the total opposite of what I expected when I sat down to reflect on the past year and make my new years resolutions.

Since I last posted I’ve settled into the new place and created my own routine; gotten a promotion from Copy Editor to Content Strategy Associate at my day job; attended my first-ever BEA and THE first-ever BookCon (that should have been a post all on its own, but I DID write all about it for a Paper Droids article!); and found myself in a new, exciting, unexpected relationship. And while I’m still very much into the all-consuming early stages of the relationship where priorities like writing and getting my butt to the gym usually make way for dinner-and-a-movie, one of the great things is that I’m very quickly getting back into my old groove of productivity, thanks to the boyfriend’s (his name is Rich!) similarly ambitious and creative nature.

Rich is a filmmaker, and since I’ve been so excited by my career’s unexpected turn into Marketing, I’ve decided to help him out with the marketing for a film he produced called Short Steps. It’s a romantic thriller that’s INCREDIBLY well-done and emotional and keeps you on the edge of your seat, so I was excited to help them spread the news. So far, I’ve done so primarily through email campaigns, affiliations with Astoria Music & Arts (AM&A), and an article I wrote for the Queens Gazette, which you can find here. So it’s pretty awesome that not only am I getting some marketing experience, I’m finding new material to keep me contributing to the paper on my favorite topic—the arts!

The project also helped open a few doors for me with the Gazette and AM&A that haven’t been available to me until now. After leaving the Gazette and focusing on my new job and the move into my new place, I had taken a several month-long hiatus from the paper. So it’s exciting not only to get a piece into the paper again after so long, but to find out that the paper now has a monthly magazine called Queens Scene! It’s much more suitable to my tastes than the paper, as it’s mostly intended for a young crowd and focuses on arts, food, and community entertainment, so I’m REALLY can’t wait to get involved with it. I already have an article slated for September’s issue that I’m going to be working on!

Then, by putting the Short Steps crew and Rich in touch with AM&A, I got back in touch with them as well (I’d worked with them a lot during my time at the Gazette and wrote numerous articles on them and the awesome work they do to bring out local musicians and artists in the community, but had fallen out of touch during that hiatus). As a result, I’m now helping them with the marketing of this year’s Astoria Music Now! festival, as well! It’s in its sixth year running, and I’m excited to not only help them get the word out but to also help curate the festival’s first-ever film portion alongside Rich, who’s spearheading the project.

But anyway, anyone who knows me knows I like to keep my blog strictly about writing/my professional life. I typically don’t like to let it turn into a diary, but it’s been so cool collaborating with so many people and organizations I admire that it all bore mentioning. As for my creative writing, there isn’t much to update on, and I’m not going to write one of my typical “oh gosh, I fell behind again, but I’m going to fix that all RIGHT NOW!” posts. Those posts are very heartfelt and I mean every word of them, but I’m trying to learn how to make my goals more manageable… and to understand that I’m just not one of those people who churns out great work like a machine (I’m looking at you, Taylor!). I’d like to be, but it’s just not for me right now. Plus, as I already wrote in a post on my old blog, I’ve come to understand that my writing comes and goes in creative spurts. I’d like to change that to something more regular, and I’m working on doing so, but right now I’m just enjoying seeing where life takes me (and working on all the aforementioned stuff, of course!).

There was ONE great development with my writing, though, and that’s that I got an EXCELLENT response from an editor I submitted “The Spread” to. It was a rejection, but upon asking him for more information as to why he didn’t feel it worked (an inquiry that has gone otherwise ignored by other editors, although I’m sure they’re super busy and don’t take that personally), he sent me back an ESSAY on what he liked and what he didn’t and what he thought could use improving. It really brought to light a lot of the problems that I knew were there but couldn’t identify, so I’m excited to have some guidelines to work with when I finally sit down and revamp the story.

I plan on doing an entire post on that email and why it’s such awesome feedback, but 1) I’d like to get permission from him to post it first and 2) this post is long enough as is. I’ll update in the near future again, hopefully with that post and many more! I also need to continue updating this blog as a whole, which I never finished doing. It seems the to-do list never ends…

Anyway, thanks for reading my rant if you’ve made it this far! I’m excited to get more involved with all you awesome bloggers and Twitter word sprinters again, so look for me on Twitter and The Sprint Shack!


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