Untarnished notebooks & tightly-capped pens

There’s something about the first cool breeze of fall that gets me so, so inspired.

Again, it goes back to my earlier discovery that I write in spurts; my work ethic/motivation has a propensity to change with the seasons. Even though it’s still summer here, New York City weather is really sporadic, so it seems we’ve been ping-ponging between seasons by the day. And every time there’s the slightest breeze that’s cool to the skin, it seems like all my writing instincts kick into overdrive.

All these triggers really come down to my early days as a writer. In the beginnings of summer, for example, I usually get inspired to write because that’s when I used to get lots of writing done. When I was in middle school and would get off school for the summer, I would get up in the morning to an empty apartment and spend my first few hours writing at the kitchen table in a marble notebook. I would then transfer that writing later in the day into a Word document and post it to FictionPress or FanFiction.Net. Case in point, summer was a productive time, and so I’m conditioned to kick into overdrive as the months get warmer. (Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case this year. Working my first real full-time job has put a bit of a damper on that, and I’m still learning how to be equally as productive during a 40 hour workweek. I have an article slated for The Sprint Shack at the end of September on this topic, so stay tuned!)

As for fall, I think what gets me so pumped is the “back to school” mentality. I’m only two years out of school and I miss it SO much. As much as I didn’t enjoy the deadlines and bouts of stress that came with working toward a degree, and as much as I did take shortcuts and loopholes here and there, I DID absolutely love studying English, writing, and literature. And even though I knew I’d eventually be tearing my hair out, the first day of classes was always exciting with the promise of new beginnings, untarnished notebooks, and tightly-capped pens. Every year post-graduation, I have to quell my excitement; fall is here, but classes are not.

The memories of new school years—as well as my quickly approaching Ireland trip, which takes me back to studying abroad in Italy—have been making me consider going back to grad school. I’d love to, but I simply don’t have time right now with a 40 hour workweek and everything else on my plate. I also don’t have the money for it at the moment, nor do I even know what I’d want to study. When talking to my boyfriend the other day, I developed a tentative plan… but I very strongly emphasize “tentative,” because I’m learning more and more over the years what Steinbeck meant when he said “The best-laid plans of mice and men / Often go awry.” I’m also learning that I’m fickle and tend to change my mind a lot, so who knows where I’ll wind up.

But my plan? I think I’d like to first work on getting published, then go back for a Master’s in either English or Creative Writing. Then, I’d love to teach a writing course of some sort in college.

I feel like that’s a bit of a “typical” plan, one that lots of writers take. But I love talking about writing, educating others on writing, and… well… writing. I also would love starting and ending work early and having summers off to write and travel, but of course, I know there’s much more to being a professor than that. I just truly miss my college writing workshops and would love to experience that again from the other side.

This post is getting lengthy and I don’t want it to get out of control, so I’m going to end here. I’m going to be posting again on Monday for #MondayBlogs and #MusicMonday, though, so I’ll be back shortly. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!


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