I’m Forging a #WriteChain!

Things are about to get meta.

I say that because, in writing this, I’m currently completing my 12th #WriteChain link. And the purpose of this post… is to talk about #WriteChain.

My brilliant Sprint Shack co-founder and founder of Writerology, Skye Fairwin, created the #WriteChain challenge a little over a year ago to encourage writers both on and off Twitter to achieve their daily writing goals and make writing a habit. I tried it when it first became a thing but unfortunately fizzled out in just a week. Since then, I’ve witnessed people pass the 100-day and even one-year mark, and decided it was time to try it again. And I have to say—I’m loving it.

At first, when I attempted forging my own WriteChain, I set my goal at 500 words of fiction daily. It worked well for seven days, but eventually, I was growing bored of working on the same project every day (this is an issue with my current work in progress, and I know it is. There’s a reason it’s been in the works for many years—or, rather, there are several reasons. It’s flawed and needs a lot of reworking). So this time, I set my goal as follows:


This allows me to write whatever fiction I want or no fiction at all—such as today, which I’m using to work on this very blog post. More days than not, I try to focus on fiction since my main goal is learning to work on my (creative) writing every day, but there are some days when it helps to step away to look at my fiction with fresh eyes. It’s this freedom to write what I want, when I want (as long as I’m writing every day) that keeps me going.

The good thing is, once I get started, a full page of work is usually enough to get me into “writing mode” and I wind up writing more than I originally sat down to. It becomes less about tacking on that extra WriteChain link for the day and more about the work itself. That’s the reason I set the bar so low to begin with: I wanted something doable to keep me encouraged on the bad days, but something that’s involved enough to get me into gear to likely write more than my goal and, ultimately, get me into a habit.

And there are definitely bad days. Last night, my WriteChain link was VERY rough to attain. I opened a document, started the first line of a microfiction piece I was playing around with in my head for a few days, then closed it. Opened up another document, considered writing this blog post, then closed it. Eventually I settled on my novel, which is at a very delicate point in the plot that I’m still unsure of. As any writer would probably guess, the words were being very resistant.

But as for the good? So far I’ve worked on several blog posts, a few pages of my novel, and a handful of microfiction pieces. Some of the standalone pieces are works I’m actually quite proud of, and some were just for fun when I was initially building the habit. Some I may even consider showcasing here.

Regardless, the point is this: #WriteChain is a great challenge for those who struggle to write every day, and I’m glad I started it! A big thanks to Skye for thinking of it, and a shoutout to all my fellow #WriteChain-ers who make it happen alongside me, including my day-by-day #WriteChain buddy @JMHannam!

(Note: I was super lazy about posting this, so I wrote it and let it simmer a few days before putting it up. Therefore, as of posing, I’m now up to WriteChain link number 16! Hoorah!)

Have you built or started a #WriteChain? Do you typically write every day? Let me know!



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