I’m Writing for Give Me Astoria!

As of today, I’m officially a contributor to Give Me Astoria!, a blog based all around—you guessed it—my hometown, Astoria. I found out about Give Me Astoria! while working on the marketing for my boyfriend’s film Short Steps, as they did a small article on it (you can find that here!).

It seemed like a natural progression for me to work with the blog, as I started my writing career at the Queens Gazette, where I still contribute freelance on occasion. After spending 3 years there covering all kinds of events and news in Queens County and specifically Astoria, where the newspaper headquarters is located, I grew pretty fond of covering stuff that affected my neighborhood. It got me more involved in the community and I met lots of awesome people that way, and still continue to do so today.

Thankfully, the opportunity with Give Me Astoria! doesn’t end at occasional contributions! It’s all speculative right now, but there is a very real possibility of me heading my own weekly or bi-weekly column, which I’d absolutely love. That’s down the road, but for now, I’ve started with my first contribution to the blog:

Astoria on a Budget: Navigating the Neighborhood’s Best Deals


I’m really excited to start this new chapter and add yet another publication to my portfolio! Right now, I’m stockpiling articles to send in so that I’ll be covered through my Ireland trip and the rest of October… what with the anniversary of the Sprint Shack coming up and NaNoWriMo directly after that, it’s going to be a busy few months.

If you’d like to keep up with my posts—not only on GMA! but on all the other blogs and online publications I contribute to—stop by my Tumblr. I still have to update it, but it’s typically up-to-date with my most recent writing!

Thanks for stopping by!


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