Bon Voyage! / #MusicMonday: “Speeding” by LIGHTS

Okay, I want to say bye to all you lovely people for my upcoming trip to Ireland, but first: my second-ever #MusicMonday post! I’ve been listening to this song non-stop, and it reflects pretty perfectly how I’ve felt lately:

LIGHTS is a pretty awesome artist (I even did a Fangirl Friday post for Paper Droids on her, which you can find here). I’ve loved her for a few years now, and her newest album “Little Machines” has made this year no exception.

“Speeding” is basically my current anthem. It portrays exactly how I feel: a bit shaken from some personal events in the past several months, but confident about the future, and speeding ahead with my goals. The lyrics that hit me most are:


Speedin’ ’cause it feels good to be movin’ on
Sleep is for the weary, I’m not slowin’ down
And when the record is done, I’ll put another one on
Speedin’ ’cause it feels good, ’cause it feels good

[Verse 2]

Window down to feel the night
Whatever I touch I can make mine
It’s enough, it’s enough
I say go, I’m the one
You won’t see me stoppin’ for anyone
Can’t stay still, can’t stay still

The world in the rear-view mirror doesn’t shake me,
I haven’t looked back there lately

Truth is, it does feel like I’m speeding when I’m on one of my writing kicks. It’s almost stressful but exhilarating. I’m learning how to make writing a more regular habit, but as I’ve mentioned several times on my old blog, my productivity comes in spurts. I go through slow periods and hyper-productive periods, and I’m currently in the latter. I hope to keep that going well through my trip to Ireland (I plan on altering my #WriteChain goal to one journal entry per day while I’m there) and on throughout NaNoWriMo. If all goes well and I plan accordingly, maybe I can even make a full year like some have! But I’m taking it one day at a time.

Now, as for Ireland: I don’t think I’ll have much contact with the outside world while I’m there, mostly because I want it that way. I’ll be there from the 11th to the 19th and I’ll be sure to update with lots of pictures and stories when I’m back in one massive post!

In the meantime, I’m just tying up any and all loose ends with the publications I contribute to, getting The Sprint Shack all set up for my absence, and ultimately, making sure I have peace of mind for my trip.

I’ll be accessible on Twitter and other social media until Saturday afternoon… but as far as this blog goes, Bon Voyage! See you all in a few weeks!


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