I’m Hosting a 10kWritathon!

Finally! I’ve always wanted to host one of these, but haven’t quite had the time (or, if we’re being honest, the motivation) to write ALL DAY. Well, seeing as the first two months of my year have been solely focused on health and fitness goals and my writing goals have fallen a bit by the wayside, it’s time to catch up!

I’m going to be hosting a #10KWritathon on The Sprint Shack’s Twitter account all day Sunday, March 1st to start the day off right. I, personally, will be focusing on rewriting and reworking my WIP Fleeting, since the plot holes are very real with this manuscript and have all but cornered me into writer’s block. However, I’m encouraging everyone to join, whether you’re working on one project or twenty, regardless of whether or not you think you can make 10,000 words happen in a day! (Honestly, I’m not even positive I can, either—but we’re going to find out, right?)


Faye Kirwin (formally known as Skye Fairwin, which she has recently revealed was her penname) will be joining me to host word sprints throughout the day. The regularly scheduled #SundayScribes hosted by Taylor Eaton will be postponed until next week. On Saturday, I’ll post a complete list of sprint times in my scheduled blog post on The Sprint Shack, in which I’ll be writing about getting the most out of your sprints to achieve that daunting 10,000 words.

I hope you join me in my insane attempt at making up for lost time—and finally getting this WIP on the road!

See you on the battlefield,




    1. Yes, Devin! 😀 I definitely will! Keep an eye on The Sprint Shack as well, we always announce when we’re hosting something like this–and RT whatever announcements we find by others!

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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