BIG news: I’m getting a short story published!

Okay, guys, it may have taken me a few deep breaths before I was able to write this, but—yes, I am. I’m getting a short story published!

Technically, it’s a flash fiction piece, and it was submitted to The Great Noveling Adventure for their Summer Nights anthology. There requirements were simply that the story be under 1,000 words, be appropriate for a YA audience, and take place on a single summer night. I submitted two pieces last month, and “Petals to the Sea” was selected!

This is my first fiction publication credit and I’m a little embarrassingly excited. I’m off to calm myself so I can focus on the rest of my work day, but if you’re interested, you can find the official announcement here.

The anthology will be available for download, free, on June 21st. I hope you all check it out! I know I’m personally very excited to see what other stories are included. 🙂

A big thank-you to TGNA for selecting “Petals to the Sea” for their anthology. I couldn’t be more humbled!



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