Greece recap & a new routine!

Hey everyone!

So, as expected, Greece was amazing. It’s a beautiful country and, despite how international media may depict it right now, I felt perfectly safe while there. I unfortunately didn’t have time in the itinerary to visit the beautiful Atlantis Books on Santorini as I’d mentioned, but I still had a fantastic time, met fun and inspiring people, and felt creatively invigorated by the gorgeous sights (not to mention the two great books I read on the plane rides—more on those soon)!

Going through everything would take hours to write, so I’m going to (try to) keep it brief with a few highlights:

  • Seeing the Theater of Dionysus, Temple of Zeus, and the Acropolis/Parthenon in Athens. These ruins were breathtaking and standing next to them, seeing the details in the columns and the stone steps, really made me appreciate how skilled these people were to accomplish what they did without the technology we use today.
The Parthenon
The Temple of Zeus
  • Exploring Little Venice in Mykonos, a quaint little town of winding streets that overflows with shops and cafes. It’s a bit touristy, but it’s beautiful regardless, and seeing the windmills at sunset was like standing in the middle of a postcard.
  • Taking in the view at Fira, the capital of Santorini. The iconic cliffside accented with the white-walled, blue-roofed structures right over the crystal clear water was exactly the awe-inspiring view I anticipated when I booked the trip, and our wine tasting in Oia also provided an enviable scene.
  • Enjoying fast-paced water sports in Ios. This little island was the dark horse of the trip; while I’d heard plenty about the infamous views and experiences to be had in Mykonos and Santorini, I knew nothing of Ios and didn’t expect much. But the water sports we signed up for—including tubing and a speed boat excursion that took us exploring in underwater Cliffside caves, relaxing on a private beach, and snorkeling over a shipwreck—were exactly the kinds of things I’d hoped for when I signed up for a Mediterranean trip.
 11037906_10207598798270671_3083038720579818712_oThe sunsets in Ios are also gorgeous.
  • And, of course, just Beaches everywhere! Black sand, red sand, white sand. I couldn’t get enough of the beaches, especially during our beach cruise in Mykonos. I thank my Mediterranean blood for allowing me to endure so much concentrated sun in 11 days and not burn once.
  11728896_10207598491623005_4830402370084391321_o One of the many beautiful beaches on the islands.

And there is so, so much more that I can get into. I wish I took the time to go in-depth like this with Ireland, because that trip was amazing as well. Maybe someday I’ll do a recap for a #TravelTuesday or something! Either way, when people ask me which trip I liked better, I always tell them I can’t choose because they were so different. The best way I could describe these trips is that I’d live in Ireland, but I’d vacation in Greece and vacation often.

Anyway, on to post-Greece happenings! After nearly 2 weeks of eating nearly everything I could get my hands on and not having access to a computer, I decided it was time to take a hard look at my workout and writing schedules. Even before Greece, I was missing a lot of workouts and not writing as much as I’d like, and I realized that was a result of trying to apply a winter schedule to summer.

In the summer, I’m away almost every weekend, at least for a day trip if not an overnighter. So leaving most of my working out and writing for the weekends was resulting in a lot of skipped obligations, which never makes me feel good. As a result, I decided to focus most of my health and writing efforts on the 5 days of the week, leaving the weekends open for wildcard workouts and writing sessions—or for breaks when I’m away from home.

As a result, I’ve adapted to a new sleeping schedule that requires me to be asleep by 10:30 and awake by 6. On alternating mornings, I either write or exercise, and on many afternoons and evenings I find time to squeeze in writing and workouts as well. I have a detailed routine obsessively planned in a spreadsheet, but I won’t bother you all with the details unless you want to know.

This has resulted in a new word sprinting schedule for me, too: in place of #TNightSprints, which wasn’t getting much interaction to begin with, I’m now hosting #TuesAMSprints on The Sprint Shack’s twitter. Tuesdays and Fridays are the mornings I write before work, and since #WriteClub commandeers some Fridays, I thought it’d be best to keep my sprinting schedule to Tuesday mornings only for the summer and fall. I can reassess all my routines and schedules again when winter starts to set in and darker mornings make me less likely to wake up early.

Anyway, that’s it for now—I have more to update on, but this post is nearing 1,000 words and I don’t want to bore anyone. I’ll probably post again tomorrow or, if not then, very soon. I’m excited about some of the newer developments in my writing and I’m excited to share them! Oh, and I’ll also go into detail about the two books I read during my vacation that I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Until then, take care!



  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip, Cristina! And good for you that you re-evaluated your writing and workout schedules so you could properly prioritize them. I remember us talking about something like that on one of my blog posts before you left for vacation. So, again, it’s great to see you taking that initiative, and welcome back! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Sara! Yeah, it’s amazing how this change of schedule has made such a big difference for me–both in my productivity and in my enjoyment of what I’m doing. There are still days I slip (only human!) but I think this is a good routine for at least as long as the weather is nice. 🙂

      How was the conference, by the way?

      1. 🙂 Of course it’s human nature to slip once in a while. No one is perfect. But at least you’re making the effort to set specific times for both things in your schedule.

        WDC was AMAZING! I just got home yesterday, so I’m still catching up on things… But it was such an invaluable experience, to the point that I’m already strongly considering going back next year to pitch TKC. (Hopefully it will be ready for pitching by then!)

      2. That’s amazing! Even more amazing would be if I could go next year, meet you, and have something to pitch, as well! Haha.

        I’ve always wanted to attend a professional writer’s conference like that. It’s on the career bucket list for the very near future 🙂

      3. Well, if WDC handles pricing for next year’s conference the same way that they handled it for this year’s, they should have an early bird option available in a few months. You’d have to sign up by early-to-mid March… but if you’re ready to commit by then, it’s totally worth it. 😉

      4. Pluuuuuus… presenters at WDC often offer discounts off the price of conference admission. So, if you register during the early bird window with a coupon code, it’s even better. 😉

        Gabriela also did something special for everyone who signed up under DIY MFA’s coupon code for the conference. She planned a meetup at the hotel’s lounge on the night of Day 1 for anyone who used that code, and it was a fantastic way of meeting other attendees, talking about writing and other things, and finding “conference buddies” for the rest of the weekend. It went really well, and Gaby’s hoping to do it again next year. *crosses her fingers*

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