I’m now on Fiverr and NetGalley!

Two thoughts have been asserting their dominance in my typically cluttered mind as of late: 1) I want to read and review more books, and 2) I want to make more money directly from my writing so I can eventually achieve my dream of writing from home for a living. In an effort to make both of those happen, I’ve decided to join NetGalley and Fiverr!

For those who are unfamiliar, NetGalley is a site on which reviewers can request ARCs of books to review on their own respective sites. Since I have written and do continue to write (albeit sparingly) book reviews for Paper Droids, Goodreads, and this blog, I thought it could be worth a try. I know there are many other, much more regular and successful reviewers out there—including The Book Geek, whose Goodreads reviews have become a new addiction of mine lately—but why not take a stab at it? I don’t expect to have a slew of new reads appearing on my doorstep anytime soon, but I have requested a few books in hopes I’ll have the opportunity to read and review one sometime.

Fiverr is a website that lets creative professionals offer services at $5 increments and allows buyers to purchase these services from them. While I don’t expect the occasional $5 job to make any kind of a living for me, I do like the idea of being paid for more writing/editing work and building a potential client base in the process. Right now, I’m offering proofreading/editing, copy writing, and critiquing services. You can find my profile here!

I’ve already completed my first two orders on Fiverr and requested a few books on NetGalley. While I wait to hear more from these sites, I may as well get started on some book reviews so I have some more up-to-date ones available for publishers to view when considering my requests on NetGalley, so make sure to stick around for my upcoming reviews of Downcast by Cait Reynolds and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn: the two books I mentioned in my last post that I devoured during my flights and trip to Greece!

Those two reviews should be up sometime in the upcoming week. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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