I’m a writer of many capacities—copy editor, blogger, journalist, novelist. Like many of us, I hope to someday see my books on shelves.

Full-time, I write and edit marketing materials, blog posts, and newsletters for a recruiting firm in Manhattan; on the freelance side, I write for the e-magazine Paper Droids, and have been an occasional contributor to a local newspaper and Inked Magazine for several years.

I recently published a short story, “Petals to the Sea,” which you can find in The Great Noveling Adventure’s Summer Nights anthology. My work-in-progress Fantasy novel, Fleeting, is currently the source of much frustration and many tweets. I participate in word sprints in my off-time to put a dent in it.

Speaking of word sprints, I’m also a co-founder of the writing blog The Sprint Shack, where I and my awesome co-founders Taylor Eaton and Skye Fairwin post writing advice, resources, and other helpful writerly stuff! As the name suggests, the blog and all its content began with a focus on the Twitter-based word sprinting community, but we’ve evolved to encompass a much wider lens.

The Sprint Shack grew out of my love for the Twitter writing community. I love getting to know other writers and avid readers, so feel free to reach out and let’s write, word sprint, or just chat! 🙂


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