Awards & Badges


The following are awards I’ve received for my blogging. Click the images to read the original posts in which I accepted the nominations!

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award


Good friend and fellow blogger Sara Letorneau nominated me for this awesome award. Who doesn’t love dragons? Click the award to see my original acceptance post, along with 7 interesting things about myself and a list of 15 nominations.

The One Lovely Blog Award


Once again thanks to Taylor, I’ve been nominated for my third award! This one is straightforward: the One Lovely Blog Award is all about giving credit to blogs and bloggers you enjoy reading! Thank you Taylor! Fun fact: I received this award on the very day The Sprint Shack turned one year old!

The Versatile Blogger Award


I’m really honored to have received this award. As the name suggests, the typical nominee is a blogger who posts a variety of writing on several different kinds of blogs. Taylor Eaton, my co-founder at The Sprint Shack, nominated me in December 2013. We both contribute at The Sprint Shack as well as our own personal blogs, and just recently, I celebrated my “anniversary” with the blog Paper Droids. I guess you can throw in the blog I contribute to for work, too, and that makes me a pretty versatile blogger!

The Liebster Award


I was originally nominated for this award by Taylor Eaton and then again by Sara Letourneau. “Liebster” means “beloved” in German and, as per the original rules, The Liebster Award is to be awarded to beloved bloggers with 200+ dedicated followers/readers. Though I didn’t have that many readers at the time Taylor nominated me, I’m thrilled to have received the award either way. It’s always wonderful to know others enjoy your work!


And now for some fun stuff!


Professional ReaderChallenge Participant




Read the Printed Word!



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