Shorts & Micro Fiction

“Petals to the Sea”

Note: this story is a part of The Great Noveling Adventure’s “Summer Nights” Anthology, a free e-book compiling a wide array of flash fiction stories all set over the course of one summer night. You can download the e-book on TGNA or at any of these vendors:

Amazon  ·  Nook  ·  Kobo  ·  Gumroad

25745715SUMMER NIGHTS is the first flash fiction anthology compiled by The Great Noveling Adventure. The collected stories run the gamut from first love to heartbreak, revenge to forgiveness, redemption to murder. They, like the thirteen authors who contributed them, are widely varied, but they each demonstrate the same truth:

A lot can happen in a single night.

“Elusive Threads”


Her giggles rang through the attic like tiny bells. They chimed in time with her footsteps, the soft pitter-patter that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere all at once. I watched as she circled the room, ran up one wall and down the other. She encompassed me as I sat there—at the center of her fantastical universe—an awkwardly large being far too grown-up for her childlike magic.

She stopped before a trunk and flung it open with ease. The lid must have weighed a large portion of her weight, but it was the red-and-blue combination of Wonder Woman that adorned her now and lent her its strength. With the effortless speed she used to traverse the creaky wooden planks around us, she ditched the outfit, replacing it with the glittering green of a wood nymph. The colors melded to her body, and her body melded to the beams around us as she became one with our surroundings. Read more….


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